Saturday night was night at the fights at the start of the Calgary Flames vs Vancouver Canucks game as the Flames started their fourth line which has heavyweights Brian McGrattan and Kevin Westgarth while the Canucks responded with their fourth line which has heavyweight Tom Sestito. Canucks Kevin Bieksa moved in to take the faceoff as Flames Kevin Westgarth was taking the faceoff, which never happens. Once the puck dropped, Westgarth dropped the gloves but Bieksa kept his on. Flames McGrattan and Canucks Sestito then squared off and fought. Flames Blair Jones and Canucks Dale Weise squared off and fought too. The refs separated Westgarth and Bieksa. Westgarth and Canucks Kellan Lain got together and started fighting. Canucks Kevin Bieksa squared off with Flames Ladislav Smid and they fought. Flames Chris Butler and Canucks Jason Garrison squared off and fought as well. While everyone was fighting on the ice, Canucks coach John Tortorella kept yelling at Flames coach Bob Hartley, who didn’t pay any attention to Tortorella at all, which must have pissed off Tortorella even more because Tortorella lost it later on, more on that after the video.

Later in the period you had Canucks Zack Kassian, who by the way looks like white trash, sucker-punching Flames Lance Bouma and Bouma responded with a few punches back when the linesmen got there.

After the first period ended, somehow Canucks coach John Tortorella got in the Flames hallway to their dressing room and apparently was trying to get at Flames coach Bob Hartley but Hartley could not be seen on camera (or I just missed him). We could see another Flames assistant coach try to get at Tortorella but Brian McGrattan made sure to stay between everyone to break things up and keep the peace. Eventually someone must have got Tortorella out of there because things broke up and players went to their dressing rooms. Surprisingly, Tortorella was not kicked out of the game for that incident. Watch the Tortorella hallway incident below.

So Tortorella was mad that the Flames started their fourth line at the start of the game. Well Tortorella, did you forget you’ve done the same thing in the past, back when you coached the Rangers, against the Devils.