Well seeing what happened the other night with the woman who flashed in the Canucks-Sharks game I had to search around to see if it happened before. To my amazement I read that there was a Florida Panthers female flasher from a few years ago that I never heard about. Well there is video proof of this flasher and she was on the big screen jumbotron apparently flashing her boobs and then pressing them against the glass. Again this is only for adults as the video is uncensored. Click the read more link below to see the video.

At a Florida Panthers game on March 19, 2009

I also found the below video, from a December 2009 game between the Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators. As the puck goes down the Montreal end, there is a girl standing up waving her hands and at the buzzer she lifts her shirt up to the players on the ice. You can’t see anything as her back is to the camera.